In the deepest seas there ever were lived an invincible merman named Poseidon. Posiedon was the strongest god right after Zeus. His weapon was a Trident. One day there was a brutal battle, all the mermens and mermaids had to defend their territory from the terrible Morbles. This was a name  for a horrible group of people who came from land to destroy all mermens and mermaids and expose them to the world just for money. Whilst the battle was continuing, their leader Posiedon was injured . He had two blows  on his tail and he couldn’t continue the battle .He new that he was going to die and so the trident was hidden in a secret cave that was forbidden. Knowing the trident was safe, his strength was returning, and so he fought the Morbles with his all until there wasn’t one standing. As Posiedon took a few looks around him he cried “It is done”. Then fate went on it’s own path.

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Today for English we played a game mission maker, and learnt how to unlock and find the ways of how the game is supposed to be played.It was  lots of fun and a good attempt to learn how to get used to technology.

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“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” ― Ernest Hemingway